Food Explorers getting ready for an "aroi mak mak" Bangkok street food experience!

Bangkok Street Food in Speyer

Street food is an integral part of any Asian experience.  Sidewalk vendors, push carts, holes in a wall – even in cities with rich reputations for fine dining, some of the best meals are on the streets.

Food Explorers’ Dinner Expedition “Bangkok Street Food”

Bangkok is world-renowned as the city with the world’s best street food, even after city authorities moved vendors from busy areas to designated zones and nearby markets.  Pursuing the good stuff is also an eye-opening way to discover the city as your nose leads your eyes through the hustle and bustle of local life, past overflowing carts of delicious smelling food.

Food Explorers went in search of an “aroi mak mak” Bangkok street food experience in the Rhine-Neckar region.  We found it at Osha Thai in Speyer, a cosy little eatery owned by Khun Kanda Wellens.  It opened for business in September 2018.  Kanda is a Bangkok native so she was the perfect guide for our “Bangkok Street Food” Dinner Expedition.

Introducing the owner and chef of Osha Thai, Khun Kanda Wellens

We had a fun evening with delicious food and great company.  With all 30 of us squeezed in at our tables, the atmosphere was festive and loud.  It felt as if we were at a hole-in-the-wall eatery somewhere in Bangkok!

Our 10-dish Menu

Thanks to our big turnout, Kanda prepared for us a 10-dish menu – a foodie’s dream come true!

Our Dinner Expedition kicked off with delightful mouthfuls of “Thung Tong”.  Also known as “Golden Money Bags” due to their appearance, these little parcels are filled with a savoury mix of minced meat.

Up next was “Yam Saab”, a beautiful pairing of savoury, sweet and sour, luscious prawns, crunchy anchovies, sweet corn and juicy mango strips.

Laab” is a traditional Lao beef salad with fresh herbs – pungent and spicy, the meat forming an especially satisfying contrast to the piquant taste of the herbs.  This version with duck “Laab Ped” is one of Kanda’s signature dishes.

Thung Tong (top left), Yam Saab (top right) and Laab Ped (bottom)

Hor Mok Pla” is a dish hardly ever found on menus in Thai restaurants in Germany, so we took advantage of the opportunity to savour this steamed curried fish custard.  The combination of fish, red curry paste, kaffir lime leaves and coconut cream is simply heavenly!

Thai Suki Soup” is a Thai variant of hot pot, a communal dish where diners cook meats, vegetables and glass noodles in a tasty broth.  Due to lack of space, we skipped the DIY part and let Kanda compose our bowls instead!

Hor Mok Pla (left) and Thai Suki Soup (top right)

The chicken dish “Pad Med Ma Muang Gai” showcases Szechuan influence with the characteristic use of dried chillies in a stir-fry.  In this “Kungpao” interpretation, the Thais replaced peanuts with cashews since some of the world’s finest cashews are grown in Phuket.  I personally wished this dish could have been a little more fiery as the smokiness of dried chillies was missing.

There are more variants of Thai soups than just “Tom Yam” and “Tom Kha”.  Kanda introduced us to “Gaeng Som Pla Pak Ruam” – a fish-and-vegetables soup from Southern Thailand with a nice balance of sweet, sour and salty but not too spicy.

Whenever and wherever you are in Thailand, be sure to have some “Pla Tod Rad Prik” – crispy, deep fried whole fish bathed in a mild and sweet child sauce.

Seeing that a Thai meal won’t be complete without a vegetables dish, we rounded up our meal with some “Pad Pak Ruam Mit” – a garlicky stir-fry with a mixture of seasonal greens.

Clockwise starting from top left: Pad Med Ma Muang Gai, Gaeng Som Pla Pak Ruam, Pad Pak Ruam Mit and Pla Tod Rad Prik

Our culinary journey through the streets of Bangkok concluded with “Thapthim Krob” – a cold dessert of water chestnut nuggets coated with glutinous rice flour, afloat in coconut milk along with strips of fresh jackfruit.

Thapthim Krob

Several of the dishes listed above are available à la carte at Osha Thai.  Go check them out!

Osha Thai, Heydenreichstraße 19, 67346 Speyer

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