Amna Omer

Pakistani and Indian cuisines, American desserts

Amna OmerAmna is Pakistani and she was born and bred in Sialkot, a city located in the northeast of the province of Punjab. Growing up in a large family of food lovers, she was accustomed to seeing her mother single-handedly cook up a feast for hundreds of people. It is not surprising that Amna inadvertently inherited the love of cooking and feeding the masses from her mother.

Before moving to Germany in 2010, Amna spent 4 years in the Netherlands, where she studied Management Sciences at the Hotelschool The Hague before switching to Business, Economics and Management. Throughout this period, she continued to nurture her love for cooking and learning about new foods. Amna also loves to bake – she says that this satisfies her sweet tooth and keeps her “alive and sane”. Her personal record is having baked 200 cakes in a year just for family, friends, kids and their friends!

In order to share her love for food with others, Amna offers cooking classes at the Mannheimer Abendakademie and the Volkshochschule in Worms, as well as private cooking classes.  Pop-up dinners will also be on her list of offerings, along with “Kitchen Parties”.  Amna is currently expanding her services as a “Mietkoch” and caterer, so if you would like to have a taste of her skills, write her at:


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