Culinary Wabi-Sabi



Go beyond sushi, udon and tempura.  Japanese cuisine is very much inspired by nature and the changing seasons.  Our session combines age-old cultural traditions such as shodo (Japanese calligraphy) and ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) with seasonal produce from the Rhine-Neckar region.  Experience a cooking session which is part meal, and part work of art!


Group size:  6-10 persons depending on available space

Duration:  3-4 hours

Space requirement:  A functional kitchen and dining space with a table large enough to accommodate your full group.  External locations are also available upon request, rental fee is extra.

Fee:  Depends on the menu.  The cost of groceries and location rental fee are not included.

What’s included:  An experienced facilitator to introduce, organize and lead the cooking session, grocery-shopping service, printouts of tried-and-tested recipes for all participants

Please contact me for additional options if your group is made up of more than 10 participants.


  “Hajimemashou” Let’s get started!