Cook-and-Dine session #26 (Paella)

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Date(s) - 19/10/2024
18:00 - 22:30


¡Hola a todos!

Paella has a rich history that traces back to the region of Valencia in eastern Spain.  Its origins can be linked to the rural farming communities in the area, where farmers would cook rice dishes over an open fire in the fields.  The name ‘paella’ actually refers to the pan in which the dish is cooked, which is characterized by its wide, shallow shape and two handles.

Originally, paella was a humble peasant dish made with simple, local ingredients such as rice, vegetables and whatever meat or seafood was available.  The introduction of saffron from North Africa in the mid-19th century added a distinct and vibrant flavour to paella.  Over time, paella began to evolve further, with different regions in Spain adding their unique twists and ingredients.

When:  Saturday, October 19th, starting at 18.00 till about 22.30 thereabouts

Where:  Maria Luz and Joachim’s home in Weinheim (address will be provided to those attending)

What:  This Cook-and-Dine session is a Spanish “Paella Party”!  In addition to paella, we will make a few tapas as well.

There is space for 8 participants.  Contact me from September 19th onwards to register, and let me know if you have any special dietary requests so that we may adjust the menu accordingly.  The list of participants will be finalised October 5th.

¡buen provecho!
Faeimm Tang

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