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Chimichurri and its questionable etymology

Steak with chimichurri

BY ADELINE LIM Anyone who has been to a South American restaurant specialising in barbecued meat has probably been introduced to a sauce called chimichurri.  It is ubiquitous in Argentina and Uruguay and even the Brazilian churrascarias have adopted it. I was introduced to the verde version of this condiment at a Brazilian churrascaria in Sydney by my …

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Beyond Hungary’s Goulash

Budapest Market Hall

BY ADELINE LIM When one thinks of Hungarian cuisine, inadvertently a bowl of thick, steaming goulash comes to mind.  In fact, many non-Hungarians think any stew cooked with an inordinate amount of paprika is a goulash.  However the truth is further from what most people know. Gulyás, and not goulash, is actually not a stew …

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North Korean Naengmyeon (Cold Noodles)


BY ADELINE LIM North Korea is well known as the Hermit Kingdom.  Its isolationist practices and strange combination of reverence and fear towards its leaders have set it apart from other nations for many decades.  Despite it all, North Korea’s Naengmyeon is well known among connoisseurs of Korean cuisine.  It became popular after the Korean …

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Singapore Is All About Food

BY BARBARA HALUSA It’s soon going to be my sixth month here in Singapore and I can luckily say, cooking has never been easier than it is here.  No, not because of my gas stove which is a pleasure to cook with, but due to which I own three burned kitchen towels now, and no, …

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Feeling Healthy

BY SARAH MYS In my first article, I elaborated on my motivation to try out the diet from Professor David Ludwig’s book, “Always Hungry”. My main reason was to get closer to the truth about healthy eating, but I also wanted to get rid of some extra kilos.  Moreover, the idea of no longer having …

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Curry: the Misnomer

BY RITUPARNA BAGCHI Many Westerners often equate Indian cuisines with curry.  Curry is a very general word, loosely used to describe vegetables, pulses, meat and fish cooked in a sauce with spices.  However, one single word, by no means could be used to describe the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent.  In order to dispel the …

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Taiwanese Hawker Stalls

BY TRACEY LEWIS Dusk encroaches on the city of Taipei. Waves of commuters hurriedly emerge from the exits of the underground metro system, students in an array of uniforms, freshly released from grueling tutoring sessions in ‘bushiban’ (補習班, extra tutorial classes) scurry along the streets, noisy scooters meander their way through the peak hour traffic …

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The Benefits of Red Wine

BY DIANA PETERSON Recently on the radio, they were talking about how more information doesn’t necessarily lead to improved knowledge because we tend to dismiss the information that doesn’t express what we already believe, and hang onto new information which complements our beliefs.  It is no wonder then, that when I came across an article …

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