Judy Linares


Judy LinaresBorn in Pasto in southern Colombia, Judy migrated to Spain in her early 20s.  She moved to Germany in 2010, and made the Rhine-Neckar region her home.

Judy’s family owned a restaurant in Colombia, so she was practically born with a passion for cooking and a love for fresh ingredients.  She grew up surrounded by authentic flavours, all dishes freshly-cooked and served daily.

During her time in Spain, Judy fell in love with the country and its culinary culture.  Spanish cuisine inspired her like no other, and she made it her life’s calling to learn and perfect the techniques and skills required for Spanish cooking.

” My cooking style is like Spain: spirited and delightful! “

Judy enjoys preparing delicious traditional Spanish foods for her family and friends.  With the founding of her company “JUDY COCINA – Finest Home Cooking” in 2013, she is now also available to cook for everyone who wishes to experience the quality, flavour and spirit of Spanish cuisine “live” in the comfort of their own homes!

Judy is the right person to talk to if you are looking for some inspiration for a food event with a Spanish flair.  You can write to her at:  info@judy-cocina.de

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