Yaneth Cristina Londoño Gómez

Latin American and traditional Colombian cuisines

Yaneth Cristina Londoño GómezYaneth is from Colombia. She was born in Santa Fé de Bogotá, but grew up in many places all over the country, for example Medellín, in Barranquilla by the Caribbean Sea, and in Bucaramanga. Hers is a family of farmers, so she spent much time the countryside on their animal farm.

In Colombia, Yaneth studied IT systems but when she came to Germany in 1992, her degree was not recognized. After her children grew up, she decided to venture into teaching at the Volkshochschule in Ludwigshafen (vhs Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis) and Mannheim (Mannheimer Abendakademie). She received formal training at the University of Mainz to prepare for her new career as a foreign language teacher.

As a Spanish language teacher, Yaneth specializes in cooking classes in Spanish. She developed this concept for her thesis at the University of Mainz, and the Volkshochschule Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis adopted it into their program a few years ago. These classes have turned out to be very successful and demand is growing.

If you have queries about Latin American food in general, or if you want to learn about traditional Colombian cuisine or traditional Colombian celebration foods (her Tamales are delicious!), Yaneth would be pleased to hear from you!

You can write her at: yaneth_cristina@yahoo.de


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