Cake Couture


Cake Design

In the world of fashion, haute couture is the creation of exclusive, custom-fitted clothing. Our “Cake Couture” is set up along the same lines – our pre-baked cakes are the models, and you are the designers, responsible for decoration and presentation.

Teams will be given a brief overview on cake design and decorating, including useful tips for the uninitiated. We will provide all cakes and an assortment of decorating supplies.

Armed with the basics of cake decorating, the participants are grouped into teams for some friendly competition. Teams sketch possible designs, working together to bring their masterpiece to life.

Participants will get acquainted with the basics of preparing, cutting, filling and mounting cake, as well as preparing and colouring frosting, covering the cakes with it and piping techniques to embellish their cakes.

When the allocated time is up, each team presents their creation and an explanation of their design.


Group size: from 12

Duration: 3 hours

Space requirement: No kitchen needed. A conference room or meeting room with enough tables and chairs to accommodate your full group. A stage or open space at one end of the room is helpful. External locations are also available upon request.

Available group packages:

12-16 persons @   50 Euro per person

16-20 persons @   45 Euro per person

> 20 persons @   39 Euro per person

What’s included: A cake designer to lead and facilitate the competition, all necessary ingredients and equipment, and special packaging to take home your creations.


    Let’s get started!