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Possibly The Best Ice Cream in Mannheim

Possibly the best ice-cream in Mannheim

In 2016, the weekly Hamburg-based newspaper “Zeit Magazin” wanted to know where one could get good ice-cream in Germany.  Over 33,000 readers nationwide responded, nominating their favorite ice-cream parlors.  The top 15 are compiled in this map below: Lucky for us based in the Rhine-Neckar region, 2 of the 15 are located close by: Vannini in Worms, and Zeitgeist …

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Tempeh in Mannheim


Those of you familiar with Indonesian cuisine would have heard of tempeh (pronounced TEHM-pay) – a fermented soy-based product rich in both protein and fiber, and healthier than tofu because it is less processed.  With its grainy texture and earthy, nutty flavour, it is a popular meat substitute in vegetarian and vegan cuisines.  Its flavour is stronger than that …

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