Possibly the best ice-cream in Mannheim

Possibly The Best Ice Cream in Mannheim

In 2016, the weekly Hamburg-based newspaper “Zeit Magazin” wanted to know where one could get good ice-cream in Germany.  Over 33,000 readers nationwide responded, nominating their favorite ice-cream parlors.  The top 15 are compiled in this map below:

“Zeit Magazin” Issue #30 / published 16.07.2014 / pg 12

Lucky for us based in the Rhine-Neckar region, 2 of the 15 are located close by: Vannini in Worms, and Zeitgeist in Mannheim.


In business since June 2015, serving handmade ice-cream produced from high-quality natural ingredients sourced as much as possible from within the Rhine-Neckar region.  No eggs are used, and neither are artificial aromas, flavors, and colors.

At Zeitgeist, there seems to be an ice-cream flavour for everyone – be it vegan, and/or lactose-free, and/or gluten-free.  All this goodness for only 1 Euro* per scoop! (*a few “exotic” flavors cost 1.50 Euro e.g. Sicilian pistachio, maracuja on the day we visited)

So that customers can look forward to something different on each visit, there are only 14 flavors on offer each time, and some of these flavors are unique to Zeitgeist.  No worries though – chocolate and vanilla are always available!

To further customize your selection, top with whipped cream or choose from three homemade sauces and/or four toppings.

Ice-cream at Zeitgeist Mannheim

As with all ice-cream parlors, be prepared for long lines especially on warm and sunny days.   On not-so-pleasant days, guests can hang out indoors to enjoy their ice-cream on the benches provided (“waiting-room” atmosphere), or take-away their ice-cream in “thermo” (i.e. styrofoam) bowls to enjoy in the comfort of home.

The next time you are in Mannheim, pop by Zeitgeist in Lindenhof, Meerfeldstraße 45 (ecke Windeckstraße) for a taste.

Early 2017, Zeitgeist opened their second outlet in Limburgerhof – Carl-Bosch-Str. 11 (ecke Kalmitweg).

Follow Zeitgeist on Facebook to find out the daily flavors available at both locations.

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