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Lunch Expedition Korean Sonamu Food ExplorersOur Expeditions feature specially-compiled menus – very often, the dishes are not available à la carte.

The dishes are selected bearing the seasonality of their ingredients in mind, and how best they can showcase the culinary variety of a particular cuisine.

Depending on the type of cuisine, our meal is sometimes shared family-style.  Whenever possible, we pre-order our main courses so that our food can be served promptly.  The cost of our menus covers food only and you are free to select your own beverages.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our Expeditions!

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Here are some of our impressions of the restaurants we have visited on our Expeditions.  In the process of researching and planning Expeditions, I have come across many interesting places to eat.  Members have access to a directory of restaurants worth the visit.

Some of the restaurants are even giving away dining vouchers to members and subscribers of Food Explorers!  Just buzz me with the name of the restaurant you want to visit, and I will email you your personalized dining voucher.

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Cooking Sessions

Cooking Sessions Kefta Mkaouara Food ExplorersWith members from so many countries, we have a wealth of cuisines at our fingertips.  We meet up to cook together, and then enjoy the meal afterwards.  Lunch sessions (“Cook-and-Lunch“) take place on weekdays.  Dinner sessions (“Cook-and-Dine“) are on Saturdays.  Members share the costs of making each meal and take turns hosting sessions in their homes.

In addition to sharing national recipes, members are also welcome to suggest recipes they have always wanted to try, but lack the opportunity.  See a selection of recipes that we have cooked recently during our sessions.

Come join us and pick up new recipes to expand your meal repertoire!  Or order yourself a copy of Food Explorers’ “Culinary Journeys Around the World” photobook compilation of tried-and-tested recipes!

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Potluck Parties and Group Events

Once every quarter, we get together for a theme potluck party where everybody brings one dish to share.  Be it auspicious dishes for Chinese New Year, summer favourites for the grill, popular street foods or festive classics for Christmas, we enjoy the challenge of thinking out of the box and preparing something out of the ordinary.  At Food Explorers’ potluck sessions, you won’t need to travel far to sample a kaleidoscope of flavours from around the world!

We are always on the lookout for interesting food-related events.  The cooking sessions and dinners are also available as events for external groups.  If you have a food-related idea you would like to share with your group or company, or an event you would like help with organizing, buzz me and I would gladly help with the “when, where, who, what and how”!

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