Persian Shop Heidelberg

Persian Shop in Heidelberg

Heidelberg has a second Persian food shop!  “Pars” opened its doors for business in March 2017 in the suburb of Rohrbach.  The shop itself is not that big, but one can find a good range of Persian food items on the shelves, including good quality Persian rice, precious saffron strands and various floral and herbal distillates (“alle araghijat”).

Fresh bread “Sangak” is delivered on Tuesdays, supplied by a Persian bakery in Köln.  Other types of bread sold are “Arabisches Fladenbrot“, and “Osku Bread” – flat, dried bread popularly known as “diet bread” .  There are also many types of mouth-watering Persian pastries and cookies.

There is a small freezer section – aside from barberries and pickled plums, I was excited to see small tubs of saffron ice-cream “Bastani Akhbar Mashti” and Persian ice “Falude Shiraz” stored within.

You can also find made-in-Iran non-food items like rice cookers and kitchen utensils.

The shop is located next to a busy crossroad so parking is limited – there are only 2 narrow spots up front.  If you order more than 20 Euro worth of items, Pars will deliver your order for free (within Heidelberg only).

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