Pralines and Truffles galore
Pralines and Truffles galore / Photo courtesy of Chocami

Chocami, Chocolate Heaven in the Rhine-Neckar region

“Smell, take a bite, look at the filling, close your eyes and let it melt on your tongue – this is how our chocolates taste best!”  ~ Isabelle Wagner

About Chocami

Konditormeisterin Isabelle Wagner
Konditormeisterin Isabelle Wagner / Photo courtesy of Chocami

Isabelle Wagner is the creative genius behind Chocami.  While growing up, she took it upon herself to single-handedly decorate her mother’s home-baked cakes so that they looked as good as they tasted.  By the age of 14, she knew what she wanted to do in life.  Isabelle trained at numerous bakeries in the Rhine-Neckar region, learning classic pâtisserie skills and developing her own creative style.  In 2010, at 26 years old, she fulfilled her dream to set up her own chocolaterie and pâtisserie – the name “Chocami” is a merger of French words “chocolat” and “ami“, literally meaning “friend of chocolate”.

Chocami Boutique and Manufaktur
The new boutique and production site in Schwetzingen opened on 28.10.2017

What started as a one-woman-show in a small kitchen in 2010 has grown into a family business consisting a team of 10 persons.  Food Explorers visited Chocami’s newly opened boutique in Schwetzingen to learn more about the company.   Isabelle’s sister, Sandrella Lithoxopoulos, was happy to share her story.  Sandrella takes care of all administrative matters so that her sister can focus on the creative part of the business.

Isabelle regularly attends seminars and trade fairs to keep abreast of new developments and trends in the chocolate world.  She gets her ideas from all around her.  For example, Isabelle once tried a passionfruit sorbet flavored with curry, and it immediately inspired her to translate the combination into a truffle, the “Passionsfrucht-Curry“.

You will notice that many of Isabelle’s creations are made up of unconventional combinations which often elicits a pleasant surprise in the first bite. Browse through Chocami’s catalog – each praline and truffle is an inspiration!

Pralines and more

Chocami's pralines and truffles
Pralines and truffles on a bed of cocoa beans / Photo courtesy of Chocami

Chocami’s confectionery are handmade at their boutique in Schwetzingen, made using ethically produced chocolates from Valrhona and quality seasonal ingredients.  Chocolate lovers can look forward to a range of 25-30 varieties of pralines and truffles.

The line-up of treats also includes “Moussetörtchen”, tarts, biscuits, chocolate bars, spreads, and festive-themed chocolates amongst others.

When asked if people could try only one of Chocami’s confectionery, which would it be – Sandrella was quick to nominate their “Limette-Basilikum” truffle.  This is one of the “evergreens” in their range – a luscious chocolate with a harmonious citrusy note which lingers in the mouth.

A selection “Moussetörtchen”

Chocami also makes cakes and favors for festive occasions and company events – weddings, birthdays, confirmations, etc.  Just call and schedule an appointment for consultation.

You can also find all of Isabelle’s confectionery at Chocami’s café in Heidelberg-Neuenheim.  In summer (April-September), try their freshly-made ice cream – there are usually 6 flavors on offer, including chocolate 80%, vanilla and raspberry-piemonte hazelnut.

Want your chocolates delivered to  your doorstep?  That can be arranged, except not during May through August as temperatures are too warm.  A good gift idea is “Pralinement” – Chocami’s affordable monthly subscription service for deliveries of pralines.

When you visit Chocami, you will find it difficult to choose just one treat.  Surely you will need another one for later?


Boutique, Scheffelstraße 28, 68723 Schwetzingen

Chocolaterie-Café, Ladenburger Straße 9, 69120 Heidelberg

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