Cook-and-Lunch session #73 (Saarland)

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Date(s) - 18/05/2017
09:30 - 13:00


Located in the southwest corner of Germany and named after the River Saar which flows through it, Saarland is the smallest German state.  During the course of its history, some parts of it belonged to Prussia, Bavaria and France.  Finally in 1955, its inhabitants voted to become a state in West Germany.

Historically, many people of Saarland were farmers, miners and stoneworkers so they ate foods which were high-energy yet inexpensive.  Potatoes, onions, leek, cabbage and beans remain popular ingredients till today.  Also, with France right next door, the French influence is very much prevalent in the region’s cuisine, be it in rustic or sophisticated fare.

When:  Thursday, May 18th, starting at 9.30am till about 1.00pm thereabouts

Where:  Janine’s home in Schwetzingen (address will be provided to those attending)

What:  If dandelion leaves are available, Janine would like to share a salad popular in the area – “Hunnischspeck” salad, also known as “Bettsejer”.  Otherwise, we will be making “Bibbelchesbohnesupp”, a bean soup.  Main course will be “Schales”, a type of potato cake made with potatoes, eggs, leeks, bacon bits and smoked pork sausage.  Dessert is another regional favourite – “Kerscheplotzer” – made with cherries and bread rolls.  In Saarland, it is common to combine a sweet dish with a savory soup.

There is space for 8 participants.

Faeimm Tang


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