Cook-and-Lunch session #82 (Malaysian)

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Date(s) - 09/11/2017
09:30 - 13:00


Hello Everyone!

This October, Food Explorers celebrates its 3rd birthday!  To mark this milestone, I am hosting a “Cook-and-Lunch” session featuring some Nyonya fare.

The term “Nyonya” (pronounced “non-ya”) is an honorific for Straits Chinese women (the men are known as “Baba”). It also refers to the cuisine of the Peranakan, found only in Southeast Asia.  In Malaysia, one can only enjoy authentic dishes in Penang and Malacca.  Literally a melting pot of many cultures, Nyonya cuisine is now acknowledged as one of the earliest examples of fusion food.

When:  Thursday, November 9th, starting at 9.30am till about 1.00pm thereabouts

Where:  Faeimm’s home in Nußloch (address will be provided to those attending)

What:  Together, we prepare and cook “Pineapple Patchree” and “Tamarind Prawns”, served family style with white rice.  A Nyonya meal must always end with a sweet dessert so that one leaves with sweet memories and good feelings of the meal.  Hence, our meal will end with “Bubur Cha Cha”, one of the best-loved Peranakan desserts made with coconut milk and various root vegetables.

“Selamat datang”!

Faeimm Tang

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