Dinner Expedition: Flavours of Cyprus

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Date(s) - 02/07/2016
19:00 - 22:00

Restaurant Aphrodite


Gh’ya sou!

The food of Cyprus has much in common with Greek and Turkish cuisines, with the characteristic qualities of the Mediterranean diet. Mr Evgenios Klindtwort-Perikleous and his business partner, Mr Nikolas Stefanou, have been serving the region authentic Cypriot cuisine for the past 16 years. As of today, they are the only Cypriot restaurant in Rheinland-Pfalz. They invite us Food Explorers to a “Meze” meal, which is a great way to sample the best of what Cyprus has to offer.

Bring time and an appetite, because a great Meze comprises at least 20 dishes – it should take us all evening to polish everything off.

Our culinary journey through Cyprus begins with a selection of ten different cold appetizers (highlights include “Taramas”, “Dolmadakia”, “Tirosalata”, “Meltzanosalata” and “Skordalia”), followed by two warm appetizers – “Kolokithakia me Auga” (Zucchini Omelet) and “Manitarakia Krasata” (fresh mushrooms in a wine-based sauce). All are served with flatbread.

Up next are four types grilled and pan-fried specialties, including Cypriot Haloumi (grilled and spiced soft sheep’s cheese). Then comes a combination of 2-3 types of fish, marinated, wrapped in aluminum foil and grilled to perfection.

Finally we arrive to the main course – choose either the meat or seafood Meze. The meat option consists of “Kleftiko”, “Sheftalia” and “Pagithakia”. Included in the seafood Meze are grilled octopus, seabass and king prawns. Our meal ends on a sweet note with the traditional dessert “Galataktoboureko” – creamy custard in crispy phyllo sheets, served with a side of vanilla ice cream.

At the end of the feast, Food Explorers will receive a complimentary shot of ouzo, rose or banana liquor, or a cup of espresso.

The meat Meze costs 26 Euro per person and the seafood Meze 28 Euro per person (food only).  Please let me know by Friday June 17th if you would be able to attend, and the Meze of your choice.


Faeimm Tang

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