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Dinner Expedition: Spargel & Strauß

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Date(s) - 25/05/2019
17:30 - 21:30

Spargelzelt Walldorf


White asparagus (Spargel) is known as the “King of Vegetables” not only for its impressive nutritional value but probably because a harvester must bow down before each shoot in order to cut it out from the ground.  The Germans have a saying – “Bis Johanni – nicht vergessen – sieben Wochen Spargel essen!”  “Spargelzeit” begins end of April, and lasts traditionally until June 24, the feast of St John the Baptist.  During this period, many Germans get Spargel fever!

 Spargel Fact Sheet

OstrichOn this Dinner Expedition, you will also get acquainted with the ostrich, the world’s largest and heaviest bird.  It can’t fly, but with its strong legs, it can run at speeds of up to 70 km/hour!

Ostrich meat is a red meat and tastewise, it very much resembles beef.  Nutritionally, it is protein-rich, high in iron, but low in cholesterol, fat and calories.  USDA lab research has shown that ostrich meat is even lower in fat grams than skinless white chicken or turkey meat!

When:  Saturday, 25th May 2019 – tour starts 17:30 hours (meeting point outside restaurant); if you are only coming for dinner, our table will be available from 18:45 hours onwards

Where:  Spargelzelt Walldorf, Rennbahnstraße 50, 69190 Walldorf (off A5, nearby IKEA Walldorf)

What:  Mr Lars Krüger, the owner of Spargelzelt Walldorf and Straußenhof Walldorf, will personally walk us through the harvesting and processing of Spargel.  Our tour includes a pitstop at his ostrich farm, where we will meet and learn about the birds and their domestication.

After the tour (and before dinner), feel free to browse Mr Krüger’s Hofladen and Straußen-Läd’l for some freshly-harvested Spargel and ostrich-related products (various cuts of meats, sausages, and by-products such as feathers and eggshells).  Please note payment in cash only.

For dinner, we can choose from three menus showcasing the best from Mr Krüger’s farms.  Our culinary journey begins with a refreshing “Spargel-Erdbeer Salat” and a sampler platter of “Geräucherte Straußenwurst und Straußenschinken” for everyone.  The star of our main course is “Krügers Klassiker”, one pound (approximately 500g) of Spargel served with new potatoes and Sauce Hollandaise.

Traditionally, Spargel is accompanied by cooked ham or pork schnitzel, but as this is a “Spargel & Strauß” evening, we will have the option to add-on “Straußenfilet an Apfel und grünen Pfeffer” or the usual “paniertes Schweineschnitzel“.

Our dinner ends on a sweet note with “Karamellisierte Spargelspitzen mit Sahne und Vanilleeis” (for everyone).

Table water (Tafelwasser) is included in the menu.  Mr Krüger recommends wines from Leimen’s Weingut Adam Müller to accompany our meal.  Non-alcoholic beverages are also available.

In case your children are interested in learning about Spargel and meeting some ostriches, you are welcome to bring them along.  You may order their meals à la carte, payable directly to the restaurant.

Menus (ticket price per person) Member Non-Member
Spargel only € 36 € 40
Spargel & Schweineschnitzel € 41 € 45
Spargel & Straußenfilet € 54 € 58

Deadline for registration is Wednesday, 15th May, 2019.  Please make your payment online by then in order to secure your seats.  If bringing children, please let me know how many.  You may pay for your children’s à la carte meals and your drinks directly at the restaurant (cash payment only).

We look forward to welcoming you on this Expedition.  Not only do we get to enjoy fresh and responsibly-grown produce but we will also be lending our direct support to one of the local farms in the Rhine-Neckar region.

Lasst uns gemeinsam mitfiebern!

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