Mr Zhao Nudelshow

On my continuous search for a place serving good noodles, I discovered Mr Zhao Nudelshow in Heidelberg.  Interesting name, what’s the “show”?  This unassuming eatery has only 12 seats at the counter, so it’s “eat-and-go”, no time to linger.  I’m guessing “Mr Zhao” is the noodle-cutting robot who prepares the 刀削面 (dāoxiāomiàn).   The noodles are freshly sliced and cooked on order.  There’s also fresh 拉面 (lāmiàn).  I have tried both types on my visits – nothing beats the chewy texture of fresh hand-pulled noodles, and when combined with tender braised beef and a rich beef broth, it was enough to transport me back to my days living in Shanghai, sitting in a tiny alleyway shop slurping hot noodles!

There are only 8 items on the menu, and the noodles in a tomato-based broth is also worth trying.  The tanginess of tomatoes provides a nice contrast to the richness of the beef broth – good till the last drop.

The owners of Mr Zhao Nudelshow also owns Sakura Sushi Restaurant located a few doors down the street.  If you are with a friend or two, and would like to be seated at a proper table to enjoy your bowl of noodles at a leisurely pace, ask if you could be seated at Sakura.  Someone from Mr Zhao will bring your piping hot noodles over.

Mr Zhao Nudel Show, Bergheimer Straße 1B, 69115 Heidelberg

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