A Real Taste of Thailand

Thai food is made up of 4 regional cuisines – the north, the northeast, the south and the central plains.  Our Dinner Expedition took us to Schwetzingen, to  “Sunisa’s Original Thaifood” for a specially-curated menu of 8 dishes from Central Thailand.  Here’s what we discovered.

While waiting for our main dishes, we had some fresh summer rolls “Po Bir Sod” – a jumble of crunchy raw vegetables, aromatic leaves, shredded chicken and crabmeat stuffed snugly into a featherlight rice wrapper, served with a most delectable peanut-based dipping sauce.

We also tried our hand at “Miang Kham”, a DIY snack that we get to prepare for ourselves – choose from slivers of toasted coconut, raw chunks of fresh shallot and ginger, dried shrimp, peanuts, little pieces of lime, fresh chilli and a dollop of palm-sugar syrup flavoured with shrimp paste, all wrapped in a Thai betel leaf – every bite tastes different!

Sunisa’s “Tom Yum Gung” passed our first litmus test – we were treated to a well-balanced soup which encompasses almost the entire range of Thai flavors in one bowl.  Ask for “Thai spicy” if you’re feeling adventurous.

“Som Tam Thai” is a green papaya salad with a unique blend of tart, spicy, salty and sweet, guaranteed to stimulate the appetite.

Thai morning glory is a beloved green vegetable popularly stir-fried in a spicy fermented bean sauce, but this time we went for a variation cooked in red curry and tamarind sauce – “Gaeng Som Pak Bung”.  Imagine the crunch of the vegetables meeting exotic spices and tempered by the sourness of tamarind.

“Gaeng Keow Wan Gai” is green curry with chicken – made with fresh green chillies and flavored with Thai basil, one of the spiciest of Thai curries.

The beef dish “Med Ma Muang Nuea” showcases Szechuan influence with the characteristic use of dried chillies in a stir-fry.  In this “Kungpao” interpretation, the Thais replaced peanuts with cashews since some of the world’s finest cashews are grown in Phuket.

Our culinary journey through the central plains of Thailand concluded with “Thapthim Krob” – a cold dessert of water chestnut nuggets coated with glutinous rice flour, afloat in coconut milk.

We are always on the look-out for good Thai food in the Rhine-Neckar region – food as fiery and funky as it is served in Thailand.  I am pleased to report that there is now a place we can go whenever we crave the real deal – “Sunisa’s Original ThaiFood” in Schwetzingen!

Sunisa’s Original ThaiFood, Dreikönigstraße 11, 68723 Schwetzingen


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