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Atjar Tjampoer


Atjar Tjampoer is an Indonesian-Dutch sweet and sour pickled vegetable dish.  The word “tjampoer” which means “mixed”, is a reference to several types of vegetables used to make the dish. Atjar Tjampoer originated in the East Indies and traveled with Dutch sailors around the globe, evolving along the way to suit local tastes and condiitions. …

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Es Teler


“Es Teler” is the Indonesian name for “mixed ice fruits”.  Created in the early 1980s for an ice-making competition, es teler is sometimes referred to as Indonesia’s national drink. This simple but addictive dessert is composed of fragrant coconut milk, jackfruit, avocado, young coconut flesh, and sweetened condensed milk.  The inventor of es teler went on …

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