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Genuss x Zeit in Weinheim


The world-renowned Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart visited Schwetzingen three times during his short life – in 1763 as a seven-year-old child prodigy, and later in 1777 and 1790 as a musician and a conductor.  On September 1, 2018, the city acquires another Austrian connection – “Genuss x Zeit – Die österreichische Botschaft“. Some of …

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Home of Happy Cows

Food Explorers Weinheim Milchtankstelle

“Home of Happy Cows” is a dairy farm owned by the Großhans family in Weinheim, and they boast of a 24/7 “Milchtankstelle” (literally, milk filling station) supplying fresh milk at the press of a button!  Located along the road leading to the Miramar water park in Weinheim, the Milchtankstelle is easily accessible by foot, bicycle or car.  You could …

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