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Genuss x Zeit in Weinheim

The world-renowned Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart visited Schwetzingen three times during his short life – in 1763 as a seven-year-old child prodigy, and later in 1777 and 1790 as a musician and a conductor.  On September 1, 2018, the city acquires another Austrian connection – “Genuss x Zeit – Die österreichische Botschaft“.

Some of you might have wondered about the name.  Pronounced “Genuss (mal) Zeit“, literally enjoyment multiplied by time.  The entire name is a wordplay on several levels which essentially means taking time to savor food.  In this case, “Botschaft” (message) refers to food from Austria, produced or prepared in accordance with local culinary traditions, using high-quality locally-sourced ingredients.

About Genuss x Zeit – Die österreichische Botschaft

Introducing Jasmine Letschnig

Genuss x Zeit – die österreichische Botschaft is owned and run by Jasmine Letschnig, who hails from the southernmost Austrian province of Carinthia.  She spent a substantial part of her childhood on her grandmother’s farm, immersed in farming life.  After finishing her studies in Vienna, Jasmine moved to the Rhine-Neckar region and built a successful career as a management consultant.  However, food remained her passion throughout.  In 2016, she gave up her job and moved her family to Piedmont, Italy, to pursue a Masters degree at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo.  Upon graduation, she returned to the Rhine-Neckar region in 2017 to fulfill her lifelong dream of setting up a shop selling specialties from her homeland and the surrounding Alpine regions.

One-stop shop for sustainable produce from Austria, the Alps and the Rhine-Neckar region

Seventy percent of Austria’s countryside is covered by mountains.  Consequently, the agricultural sector is small but highly diversified.  Family farms and producers located in the mountain areas focus on food quality and sustainability.   Efforts to promote diversity and to preserve culinary traditions have been successful, thanks also to the Austrian government’s “Genussregion Österreich” initiative.

Jasmine makes it a personal mission to feature as many quality Austrian specialties as possible in her shop.  She travels extensively, and knows many of the producers personally.  As a matter of fact, many items in her store are “Genussregion Österreich” products.  Pickled fruits and vegetables, jams, pesto, oils, vinegars, pasta, liquors and wines, to name a few.  Genuss x Zeit also carries a wide range of organic herbal teas, syrups, herbs and spices from Sonnentor, one of Austria’s most successful and conscientious companies.

A large selection of Austrian specialties
Finally, healthy caffeine-free Cola! Made with the herb “Eberraute”. This Cola contains so little sugar that it is even allowed in schools!

The deli counter is stocked with smoked meats such as Jauntaler Salami and Zillertaler Speck.  Be sure to try the ham, salami and Schmalz made from the Mangalica pig (Wollschwein), a Hungarian breed of domestic pig which grows a woolly coat similar to that of a sheep.  The Mangalica pig is special thanks to its large amounts of marbled fat, which melts in the mouth and is full of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Smoked meats made from the Mangalica pig

There is a wide variety of organic cheeses, many of which are made from raw milk.

A wide variety of organic cheeses made with raw milk

Customers can also order open sandwiches made with meats and cheeses (Jausenbrote) and mixed platters (Brettljausen).  To complement the bold flavors of the meats and cheeses, Jasmine selected the sourdough bread and baguettes from Heidelberger Holzofenbäckerei (the dough is left to mature for up to 72 hours!)

Viennese Coffee Culture

Having lived 10 years in Vienna, Jasmine is also a trained barista.  Drop by for coffee and cake, grab a seat by the window and watch the world go by.  The coffee beans used in the coffee specialties are roasted by Kaffeestopp from Birkenau, Hessen.  Choose from Austrian classics such as Sachertorte and Linzer Törtchen, lovingly baked by Weinheim’s Patisserie Mendel.

Linzer Törtchen

Do you feel like taking some time out?  Then drop by and savor a taste of Austria in Weinheim!

Genuss x Zeit / Die österreichische Botschaft, Karlsberg 10, Karlsberg Carré, 69469 Weinheim / Opening hours:  Monday to Friday 09:30-18:00, Saturday 09:30-14:00

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