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Amar Palace was an “insider tip” from a few Indian folks I knew – it’s where they would go for an authentic meal when they didn’t feel like cooking at home.  Sounds like a good destination for a Dinner Expedition for Indian food!

Our meal started with crunchy appetisers – “Pakoras”, “Samosas” (the largest I’ve ever seen!) and “Onion Bhaji” – served with 3 dipping sauces: sweet and sour tamarind-tomato-ketchup, spicy mint and refreshing yogurt-mint.  Our  juicy “Chicken Tikka Hariali” came straight from the  tandoor – tender chunks of chicken marinated in a mix of spices and mint, brought to the table on a sizzling hot plate, alongside a small bowl of creamy curry sauce.

Up next was the Punjabi interpretation of “Chicken Vindaloo” (a curry from the Indian region of Goa) – I was rather disappointed that it was not as devilishly spicy as expected.  The kitchen obligingly tried to increase the burn factor by adding more chili to a second serving of curry, but the effect was just not the same.  In hindsight, I should have been more specific about the required level of spiciness when putting the menu together.  Fortunately, the tantalizing “Lamb Passanda” (a dish served in the court of Mughal Emperors), the traditional “Bindi” (lady’s fingers with onions and spices), and the comforting “Bengan Bharta” (mashed tandoor-grilled aubergine with spices) made up for the mild Vindaloo.  Our meal was served family style, accompanied by fragrant basmati rice and freshly-made naan to mop up the delicious sauces.

Enjoying Indian food

For dessert, we were given the choice of either some decadent “Gulab Jamun” – deep-fried milkballs soaked in honey and rose water, or refreshing “Firni” – a pudding made with coarse rice paste, milk, sugar, almonds and cardamom, or luscious “Mango Kulfi” – cold and creamy Indian-style ice-cream.  These sweet treats were an effective way to cleanse our palates after a spice-laden meal!

The overall flavors were mild, but it was a delicious meal with generous portions.  Thank you to Mr Josan and his team for their hospitality!

In addition to an à la carte menu, Amar Palace offers a value-for-money lunchtime buffet on weekdays for only 6,90 Euro per person.  If you’re ordering à la carte, remember to specify the level of spiciness and intensity of flavors before placing your order.

Amar Palace, Schwetzinger Straße 7, 68519 Viernheim

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