WJ Mannheim-Ludwigshafen AKI & UfO teams
WJ Mannheim-Ludwigshafen AKI & UfO teams / Photo by Sebastian Altmüller

“Cook-and-Dine” with Wirtschaftsjunioren Mannheim-Ludwigshafen

On January 24th 2017 Food Explorers organized a “Cook-and-Dine” session for Wirtschaftsjunioren Mannheim-Ludwigshafen.

Who are they?

The Wirtschaftsjunioren are a group of entrepreneurs and company executives under the age of 40 from the trade, industry and service sectors. They are organized on regional, state and national levels, and internationally under Junior Chamber International (JCI). The Wirtschaftsjunioren Mannheim-Ludwigshafen are organized into four groups: UfO (management and organisation), BiWi (economy and education), KEP (critical engagement in politics) und AKI (international affairs). These groups meet regularly to develop projects, exchange ideas on group specifics or general topics, and for networking.  One of the many projects and activities by the Wirtschaftsjunioren Mannheim-Ludwigshafen is the European Multi Twinning (EMT). Founded in 1979, the EMT is a cooperation of ten European chapters of JCI and it offers its members the opportunity for international networking, and to address issues that affect the EU.

More information on the Wirtschaftsjunioren can be found under http://www.wirtschaftsjunioren.org/

Why cooking sessions?

For the year 2017, the AKI will be focusing on topics related to Russia, Turkey, France and Britain, i.e. which directions these countries will take and how their decisions will impact the workings of the EU. Christophe Le Lan (AKI Leader) and Volker Bäres (UfO Leader) believe that a good way to start the year together, and to get to know a country is by eating its food. They decided on Food Explorers’ “Cook-and-Dine” session as the right support for this culinary team building exercise.

Cooking with WJ
Cooking with Wirtschaftsjunioren / Photo by Sebastian Altmüller

For this “Cook-and-Dine” session, the menu is specially curated to comprise one dish from each country – each dish is chosen bearing in mind how best they can showcase the culinary variety of a particular cuisine. On the menu this evening: Russian “Soljanka”, Turkish “Istanbuli Pilavi”, French “Hachis Parmentier”, and British “Eton Mess”.

Soljanka / Photo by Sebastian Altmüller

By preparing dinner together, the participants discovered each other’s hidden talents in an informal and relaxed setting. Everyone chipped in, working in teams to get all ingredients ready for cooking. The result? We cooked, served and enjoyed a delicious 4-course meal for 14 persons, all within 3 hours!

Well done to the AKI and UfO teams on a successful dinner, including a creative interpretation of Eton Mess!

WJ Team Eton Mess
Team “Eton Mess”

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  1. Fantastic Faeimm! It’s amazing how you manage to build on your super idea and let it blossom into ever more impressive expressions! You are a great example of professional success. Keep inspiring us. Patricia

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