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Culinary Journeys with Felderbock

On every first Thursday of the month, the restaurant Felderbock takes its guests on a culinary journey to the “Country of the Month”.

Culinary Journey: Italy

December brought us to Italy.  With a Martini cocktail in hand, we dove straight into a “Piccolino” – a mini wood-oven pizza with chorizo and onions.  Nothing whets an appetite faster than dough baked with a topping of tomatoes and cheese, no matter the size!

The menu proper began with pretty “Mezzalune” (aka “Schlutzkrapfen” in South Tyrol), brought to our our table, highly decorated.  Two half-moon dumplings filled with ricotta and spinach, surrounded by a sweet buttery sauce.  A glass of Sicilian white wine rounds up the flavors.

“Mezzalune” with a ricotta and spinach filling

A “Minestrone” always hits the spot on a cold winter’s day – tender pieces of vegetables swimming with the occasional melted chunk of mozzarella.  Add a crostini wrapped with crisp Parma ham for a winner.

Minestrone with Parma ham crostini
Minestrone with Parma ham crostini

With our glass of Sicilian white wine almost empty, we were ready for the main course – “Saltimbocca alla Romana”, served with a ragout of beans and oven potato.  The waitress brought us a glass of Sicilian red to wash it down with – smooth!  The veal was perfectly cooked, wrapped and pan-fried in a coat of almost-crisp prosciutto, with a sage leaf tucked into the fold.  Kudos to the chef!

Saltimbocca alla Romana
Saltimbocca alla Romana with bean ragout and oven potato

Have you noticed that no matter how full you are, there’s always room for dessert?  A “dessert stomach” is a scientifically proven fact as well, and we were glad for it as we welcomed our final course for the evening – “Blätterteigcanneloni” – puff pastry roll-ups with a pistachio filling. The hull has a flaky light texture that broke apart with a satisfying crunch.  The mascarpone filling was studded with whole pistachio nuts, providing contrasting textures.

“Blätterteigcanneloni” with a pistachio filling

Felderbock: The Verdict

For such culinary journeys, authenticity is key.  The kitchen team at Felderbock would have made an Italian Nonna proud with their Italian menu – complimenti!

A 4-course menu is priced at 36 Euro per person (including aperitif), and reservations are compulsory.

Felderbock Hotel & Restaurant, Hauptstraße 26, 69226 Nußloch


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