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Cinema a la Carte: The Hundred Foot Journey

Food Explorers’ first Cinema a la Carte event is a unique dining experience combining food and film – a screening of Hollywood’s “The Hundred Foot Journey” (2014), with on-plate adaptations and interpretations of the scenes in the movie by the creative culinary team at Hase Im Mond – Katja Merkel and Guna Upul Samante.

Introducing the creative team of Katja Merkel and Guna Upul Samante

Cinema a la Carte: The Plot

The evening began with a cocktail reception during which guests mingled and enjoyed a welcome drink and finger foods, setting the tone for the evening.  Soon it was time for the movie to begin.

The screening of “The Hundred Foot Journey”

“The Hundred Foot Journey” revolves around the Hassan, a talented Indian chef with humble beginnings.  Three different appetizers were served at milestones following Hassan’s introduction to French cuisine, how he won over Madam Mallory, and his “Hundred Foot Journey” across the street to work in her Michelin star restaurant.




Food is the unifying element in this movie about a clash of cultures.  The main course was a good example of how the best of both worlds can be brought together – seasonal ingredients, fresh herbs and aromatics combined with spices from the Indian subcontinent, presented with French flair.


Guests enjoying their main course during intermission

After the intermission, we followed Hassan’s career as a Michelin star chef in Paris.  The more successful he became, the further away he drifted from his roots and the things he loves.  Upon realizing that fame and fortune are not everything, Hassan returned to his family.  All’s well that ends well – our evening ended on a sweet note with a trio of desserts, a nod to Hassan’s quest for his new restaurant’s third Michelin star.

Trio of desserts

A big “Thank You” goes out to our wonderful guests who supported this event and made it a success.  Food Explorers look forward to bringing you more of such evenings in the near future!


  1. Maria Khan says:

    This was indeed a fantastic dining experience. What made it so unique was that Faeimm selected scenes during which dishes were served, which were actually being shown in the film. That made the omlette they served us taste ever so delectable ,as at that very point, it was being prepared in the film….!! Great location. The food prepared by chefs with experience and taste and the entire evening hosted immaculately by Faeimm. Looking forward to attending similar events organized by her.

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