Ice Rolls in Speyer

The technique for ice rolls originated from Southeast Asia, and it’s been rolling into Europe and the Americas over the past few years.  In Thailand, it’s known as stir-fried ice cream, “I-Tim-Pad”.

Here in the Rhine-Neckar region, you can enjoy the spectacle of ice rolls in Speyer, at Eismanufaktur Englert.  The store has been open for business since July 2017, and for now, it offers a selection of 7 made-to-order flavor combinations.

Choose from 7 different made-to-order combinations

To make ice rolls, you will need the following:

  • a sub-zero metal plate (up to minus 30°Celsius)
  • a liquid ice-cream base
  • two spatulas
  • really strong arm muscles
  • a variety of fresh fruits, crackers, chocolate, sauces, toppings …

Start by combining the liquid base with fresh fruit and dry fillings on the cold plate.  The ingredients chill for a few seconds (literally cold “fried”) before getting chopped, mashed and folded up until creamy – this is where arm muscles come into play!  Once the flavors are well-combined, spread the mixture out in a thin layer across the plate before pushing a spatula across, scraping up rolls.

Combine liquid base with fresh fruit and dry fillings on cold plate
Crystallized ingredients getting chopped, mashed and folded up until creamy
Once flavors are well-combined, spread mixture out in a thin layer across the plate
Use spatula to scrape into ice rolls

The whole process takes a couple of minutes, and makes about 5 rolls to a cup for 5.50 Euro.

The resulting ice-cream itself is quite sweet, with a slightly different texture from Englert’s other made-from-scratch ice-creams.

Erdbeere & Nutella Becher

As you can see, it’s a generous portion, whipped cream included.

ICE CREAM and More 

Homemade ice-cream

Here, you can also get “regular” ice cream in a cone for 1.20 Euro per scoop.  The owner, Maximilian Englert guarantees that his ice cream is made only with fresh quality ingredients, sourced locally as much as possible, without any preservatives or artificial flavorings.

If you crave something even more substantial, you can indulge in bubble waffles (2.50 Euro) topped with ice cream (1.50 Euro per scoop).

So the next time you are in Speyer, check out Eismanufaktur Englert for some “innovation dessert”.  They open daily from 12.00-18.00 (closed in winter months December to March).

The Englert family also owns Café Englert on Maximillianstraße 83, where you can enjoy freshly-baked cake, and ice-cream too naturally!

Eismanufaktur Englert, Korngasse 8,  67346 Speyer

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